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Brand: Kawasaki
Colour: Blue
Engine: 950cc

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Minimum rental length: 3 days
Deposit: 10000THB

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2 dayS 6400 THB
3 days 9500 THB
5 days 15000 THB
1 week 19000 THB
10 days 25000 THB
2 weeks 33000 THB
3 weeks 41000 THB
1 month 48000 THB

Vehicle description

For a long time, Kawasaki is convinced that a roadster must be much more than a sportsman relieved of its integral fairing. Designed for performance
Sugomi to offer the ultimate in pleasure on the handlebars, the new Z900 is based on a four-cylinder in-line 948 cm3 housed in an unusual frame of extraordinary lightness.
The identity elements of the sugomi style, such as the tapering posture, the plunging nose and the raised back shell, draw a typical silhouette that instantly signs the Z900’s belonging to the Z roadster family. features a sleek design that runs from the bow to the stern, while in the center, the minimalist casings draw attention to the functional beauty of the engine. This silhouette picked up, accentuated by a very adjusted dress, visually alleviates the machine while reflecting its agility and sportiness.

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