Honda Cbr 500cc

Brand: Honda
Colour: White
Engine: 500cc

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Minimum rental length: 3 days
Deposit: 10000THB

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3 days 4800 THB
5 days 7000 THB
1 week 9500 THB
10 days 13000 THB
2 weeks 17000 THB
3 weeks 23000 THB
1 month 31000 THB

Vehicle description

The CBR500R has inherited the style and total control of the Fireblade.
As a result, with its racing-like profile, the CBR500R is impressive with its presence and more dynamic styling. But it’s not just about design. The 500cc water-cooled twin-cylinder engine has been refined to deliver consistent power. The transmission offers more sporty transmission ratios and the suspension has been modified to guarantee greater precision and unmatched agility on the road.
The CBR500R is equipped with our famous 500cc inline twin engine, but its new design and optimized settings give it enhanced sportiness.

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